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Sum of Talented Parts

The band works together day and night preparing for performances in order to make sure their tunes and live performances are in full harmony. Check out the faces that make up Griffin County below.

Kylie Moss

Lead vocals and Guitarist

A Band wouldn't be complete without its lead vocalist. Griffin County couldn’t have asked for a greater talent than Miss Kylie Moss, with her 30+ years in the music industry and who plays an instrumental role in the success and musical progression of the group. Kylie has just returned from a trip to USA where she fulfilled her dream of singing on stage at Nashville!


Jim Trammell

Bass Guitar and back up Vocals

Jim has been with Griffin County from the start.

As the bass guitarist, Jim takes on a lot of responsibility, from fine-tuning the musical arrangements to assisting other members with perfecting performances.

Mr Tony Griffin


The talented Mr Tony Griffin has 40+ years experience in the music industry and is known far and wide for his unparalleled drumming expertise. Tiny in stature but big in heart, you need to hear his talent to know just how good he is. Tony is the the founder of the band with partner Kylie Moss. 

Kylie and Tony have just returned from a busy trip to Nashville!

Jeff Alcorn

Lead Guitar and back up vocals

Jeff has taken on the role as lead guitarist and grown with so much confidence over the last 12 months we now need to hold him back! His amazing solos have gained a huge fan base. 

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